Dream team

We can't say THANK YOU enough for choosing to be a part of our T+T team! You are the ones that make sure each event is excellent!

Please watch the video below for a short video of why we value you so much! <3



At T+T, we aren't just about putting on a good show. We want to remove the barriers between artists and their audience. We do that by creating an atmosphere that respects art and cares about people!

No matter what area you are serving in, we care most about how you do it, and not just what you do. 

This team intentionally sets the tone for the atmosphere and culture.

Our brand is about not taking ourselves too seriously and desiring to fully experience life. We care deeply about supporting local artists and growing a meaningful community that is about giving back to its city.

TEAM details:

Events team


Media team


Event Schedule:


5:30 - Core team sets up

6:00 - Artists check in and sound check

6:30 - Volunteers check in

7:10 - Big huddle (everyone)

7:15 - Volunteers at stations and ready


7:30 - Doors open

8:00 - Artist 1

8:20 - Break

8:30 - Artist 2

8:50 - Break

9:00 - Artist 3

9:30 - Finish and breakdown

10:00 - Exiting the building