We're Starving: Tacos + Tunes Origin Story


In 2016 Dave and Kate Gregory realized that they were starving, and in more ways than one.

Tacos and Tunes was founded by the couple after they released a record but struggled to find the right setting for a CD release show. “The problem with aiming to be the biggest event is that there’s always a bigger event around the corner. So rather than chasing a large, sexy stage, we wanted to create an atmosphere that really showcased our songs the way they were meant to be experienced,” said Kate. “And we’re from San Antonio so we are obsessed with tacos!”

“The whole concept of Tacos and Tunes was really just a way for us to carve out a space for our music for the evening and still make it seem like a legitimate event,” laughed Dave. He loves branding and built out a website to promote the first show and see just how many others might show any interest in the event. “Before long, it was clear to us that the creative community in Dallas was starving – starving for interaction and meaningful exchange… and tacos. The way we see it, our hearts are just as hungry as our stomachs and both deserve to be full.” Soon after the first show artists began submitting applications on the site to play at these shows, and the concept began to evolve into something much bigger than anticipated.

We absolutely love that Tacos and Tunes is a platform to highlight the best local artists in this city. There is so much talent in Dallas, but it can be difficult to rise above all the noise. We hope that artists are encouraged to continue making music and that we can keep creating more opportunities to remove the barriers between them and their audience,” stated Dave.

Dave and Kate don’t perform at Tacos and Tunes anymore, but they do continue exercising their creative skills with their own music and side projects. In April of 2019 they released a new EP, including a music video for their single “Atmosphere” that was filmed on location in Iceland. “We love that we get to do all these things together. Whether it’s music, Tacos and Tunes, or other projects it’s a pretty rare gift that we compliment each other in skills and outlooks to accomplish things better together,” said Kate.


These two are pretty busy so when it comes to the success of Tacos and Tunes, it couldn’t be done without the core team who is working behind the scenes to intentionally care for the people and details that makes this event so special. Whether it’s artist booking, volunteer coordination, video and audio production, or event logistics there are people who make this happen. They are always looking to expand this team and you can get involved by simply signing up to volunteer.

If you’ve never been to a Tacos and Tunes show, check out the list of upcoming dates and purchase tickets to save your spot! Almost every show sells out and tickets aren’t sold at the door so change up your weekend routine and bring your squad for a unique night experiencing the best parts of your city.