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Tacos and Tunes was created for YOU! It was founded by musicians who wanted more out of the live music experience. Imagine an environment where everything is focused on experiencing music. No distractions. Attentive crowds. An opportunity to share the stories behind your song writing. Our desire is to remove the barriers between artists and their audience.  


You're playing a show... Now what?!

We hope this page will answer any questions you may have and that you feel encouraged that there is a community of people who want to support local artists! Also, make sure to fill out the questionnaire below.

What to expect

Here's a compilation video that will give you a taste of a Tacos and Tunes event.

artist performances

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+ How do I implement story telling into my performance?

Part of helping people to connect with your music on a deeper level is through story telling. This includes sharing about your writing process or the journey of how you got to your songs. This is one of the key ingredients that separates these show from a typical live-music experience, so take advantage of it!

+ What do I have to do to promote?

We will provide you with a social graphic and link for tickets. Please make sure that in your promotion of the event, you are clear that this is a ticketed event. It might also be good to note that each event thus far has sold out and so they need to get their tickets asap while they still can. Make sure to place the link in your IG bio or other social media platforms so people can easily purchase tickets. [This is the minimum requirement]

We would love for you to go above and beyond by continuing to mention the event in your IG Stories or sprinkling it through other content. You could come up with creative GiveAways where you give a song download or merch if people tag a friend to your post or prove purchase of ticket. There are lots of ideas to encourage engagement and hype for the show!

+ What is an Instagram Story Take-Over look like for T+T?

We aren't able to do these with every artist or for every show, but from time to time we like to give an artist access to instagram account for a "takeover". Basically you would have free reign to post whatever you wanted to in the stories section. Probably a minimum of 7 posts but as many as you want from there.

The artist makes an announcement on their profile that they're taking over our account for the day and that their followers can head to @tacosandtunes to check it out!

Keep in mind that for this take-over you would just be posting to the “stories” section and not to the actual feed. But we think it’s a great way to introduce you to all of our followers and get people excited about the show!

Some suggestions of what to post:

  • Intro of who you are
  • Show of your instruments/gear/songwriting process
  • “A day in my life” type posts
  • What inspires you? (favorite dallas spots, tacos, coffee, creative atmosphere, music,etc.)
  • Your fashion/style
  • Create a polls!
  • Really just ANYTHING else reflects your personality

You can respond to messages that come in pertaining to your stories as well so feel free to be interative about it (just sign off with your signature).

+ How many guests can the band bring?

Shows are intimate and we're proud to say that every T+T show has sold out so far! Because of this however, we can only provide ONE guest per band with a free ticket. Therefore, even if you have 3 members in your band we can only provide one free guest (rock-paper-scissor for it?). We will provide you with a code for one free ticket, but your guest will still need to go through the eventbrite page to claim it before we sell out!

Any additional people will need to purchase a ticket before they get sold out. We always sell out, and we always have the hard job of telling bands that we don't have anymore tickets for friends/family, so let yours know to purchase tickets well in advance just to be safe.

+ What is the Recording Waiver?

By agreeing to play this show you agree to allow video/photo/audio recording. You understand and consent to the use and release of the recording by Tacos and Tunes. You understand the recording may be copied and used by Tacos and Tunes without further permission.

Examples of this include but are not limited to using the show's recording of your song on a Tacos and Tunes Spotify playlist or YouTube channel. We just wanna share all the beautiful sounds you make with the world!

You're not giving us the rights to your tunes.

+ What is the Film/Photo Agreement?

We ask that artists not bring their own photographers/videographers. We have a great media team that works hard to coordinate with each other to keep shots as clean and without distractions as possible. Adding to that can cause footage and photos to become cluttered.

+ What is the Booking Agreement?

We want to assure you the best turn out possible! Help us by agreeing not to play any other shows within 25 miles of the venue for 5 days before and after this show. On occasion we know we have to make exceptions but this needs to be worked out before marketing for the event can happen.

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Still have questions? Please email us at hello@tacosandtunes.com. We have a team who is ready to help you at every step of the way!