• We believe that magic happens when people leave their houses - when they press pause on Netflix and step out of their boxes to engage with each other.

  • We believe in delicious local food, the hands that prepare it and the mouths that appreciate it.

  • We believe in art, the artists that create it and the fans that seek less barriers to it.

  • We believe that our hearts are just as hungry as our stomachs and that both deserve to be full.

About last night....SIMPLY. AMAZING!...People were enjoying the front row performance inside the beautiful home...and then being able to actually meet and greet these wonderfully talented musicians in an intimate setting, as if they had been friends for years...
— Ceci

What the heck is this?

Tacos and Tunes is a concert series that's removing the barriers between artists and their audiences. We host one show a month in an alternative venue (living rooms, art galleries, recording studios, co-working spaces, etc). At each one we feature three artists who play four songs each while listeners enjoy tacos from a locally owned and operated taqueria or restaurant. Ticket prices/packages vary and you can see our list of upcoming shows here. 


How it works (house rules)

Tacos + Tunes adheres to two main credos.

1. Mmmmmmmm - We want you to have a good time. Drink it in. Enjoy the music, the food, the people the conversation. Just remember to help us keep the venue clean. This is most likely someone's house or place of business and we want them to have just as good an experience as we do. 

2. Shhhhhhhhhhh - The real magic happens when an artist is able to capture the crowd without any interruptions. We want to provide the absolute best environments for these moments. So keep you phones on silent, please be aware of the views that you might be obstructing when filming and save ALL of the comments/applause for in between sets or after songs. There will be plenty of time before and after the show to mingle but if you hear someone who may not know they're being disruptive, feel free to recite our credo to them politely and with a smile... "shhhhhhhh".




Because they're delicious... don't be weird. 


Anyone! Crowds are small and tickets can get scarce quick, so make sure you follow @tacosandtunes on instagram and facebook to stay updated. It's possible that due to the venue restrictions some shows may not be all ages. Please check the details page for each event for more info. 


We'll cap each show's attendance based on the venues seating/standing capacity. Shows are anywhere from 50-100 people to keep them intimate and accessible. 


We are always on the lookout for the best local talent and artists passing through. We accept applications here. Feel free to share with artists who may be interested!


There are lots of ways to get involved with this community! You can join our events or media team, host the venue, sponsor a show, or hit us up to collaborate! Learn more about getting involved.


Have another question for us? Let's hear it. 

You can email us at hello@tacosandtunes.com or fill out the form below.

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